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Open Source Microsoft SQl Server Tools


Data Dictionary Creator

Data Dictionary Creator (DDC) is a simple application which helps you document SQL Server databases. It stores all the information in Extended Properties, so it's easier to keep the documentation in sync with the database as it changes.


This is not only ORM tool but much more: small, fast, modular software purposed for interaction with any database. You may to work with any database just to put wright plugin into plugins directory of you application. Now available plugins for Oracle,DB2,MSSQl, MySql, PostgreSql.

DB Designer Fork

DB Designer Fork is a fork of the fabFORCE DBDesigner 4. DBDesigner is a visual database design system that integrates entity relationship design and database creation. DB Designer Fork generates SQL scripts for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and FireBird.


dbdeploy is a Database Change Management tool. Itís for developers or DBAs who want to evolve their database design - or refactor their database - in a simple, controlled, flexible and frequent manner.


DbLinq is THE LINQ provider that allows to use common databases with an API close to Linq to SQL. It currently supports (by order of appearance): MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Ingres, Firebird... And still SQL Server.


C# library for versioning and refactoring database structure using Microsoft SQL Server


EasyObjects.NET is an object relational mapper (ORM) architecture based on a combination of the popular MyGeneration dOOdads architecture and the Microsoft Enterprise Library. dOOdads provides a rich set of functionality for an application's business object and data layer, including support for transactions, null value handling, and standard CRUD operations.


The Eclipse Persistence Services Project (EclipseLink) project's goal is to provide a complete persistence framework that is both comprehensive and universal. It will run in any Java environment and read and write objects to virtually any type of data source, including relational databases, XML, or EIS systems.

Enhydra Octopus

Enhydra Octopus is a Java-based Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tool. It may connect to any JDBC data sources and perform transformations defined in an XML file. DODS data models are supported by generating oid's for new objects. Natural keys can be used to insert/update existing data and create relationships with oid's. A loadjob-generator is provided to generate Octopus loadjob skeletons from an existing database. Many different types of databases can be mixed (MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, QED, JDBC-ODBC with Excel and Access, MySQL, CSV-files, XML-files,...)

Habanero Pro

Habanero is an object-relational mapping (ORM) architecture for .Net that maps object-oriented code to relational databases. It persists data to and from the database and generates user interfaces to edit the object's properties. Habanero can read class design from the database and generate code for the business objects to be mapped.


Jailer simplifies the extraction of referentially intact data. Once you have defined an extraction model, it can be used to extract data from the production database fast and easy whenever up-to-date test data is required.


LiquiBase is an open source (LGPL), DBMS-independent library for tracking, managing and applying database changes. It is built on a simple premise: All database changes (structure and data) are stored in an XML-based descriptive manner and checked into source control.

ManyDesigns Portofino

ManyDesigns Portofino is a model-driven web application framework that allows you to build high-quality enterprise information systems in shorter development times. It comprises a development environment for modelers and a run-time environment for the end users of the developed applications. The modelers can be analysts, consultants, designers and software developers. Portofino offers the short-term benefit of rapid development and the long-term benefit of low maintenance cost and easy evolution.


The Free Code Generator / OR Mapping Tool: * MyGeneration's dOOdads Architecture Included for Both C# and VB.NET (Quickstart) * Supported Architectures - dOOdads, EntitySpaces, EasyObjects.NET/EntLib, Gentle.NET, Opf3, NHibernate, Microsoft's DAAB, DotNetNuke, iBatis * Support for Twelve Different Database Systems. Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, FireBird, Interbase, VistaDB, SQLite, MySQL, Advantage and Pervasive * Template Based Code Generator Supporting Four Template Languages - JScript, VBScript, C# and VB.NET


Object Persistent Framework 3 (or as we call it Opf3) is an Object Relational Mapper (ORM) Framework for .NET 2.0. It has been developed for over 2 years specifically for .NET 2.0.


Proetus is a framework for .NET object persistence.


pymssql is the Python language extension module that provides access to Microsoft SQL Server from Python scripts.

RAD Studio Code Generation Toolkit

RAD Studio is the ultimate class object creator / stored procedure generator and data tier creator for C# and other Visual Studio developers. RAD Studio is written in C# and creates a 100% stored procedure driven data tier based on any Access or SQL Server database.

SQL Installer.NET

SQL Installer.NET is a toolset which assists in the development, deployment, and maintenance of applications which interface with a relational database management system (RDBMS). It was initially written for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 but has since been adapted to work with other data providers (inc. Oracle and PostGreSQL).

SQL Nexus

SQL Nexus is a tool that helps you identify the root cause of SQL Server performance issues. It loads and analyzes performance data collected by SQLDiag and PSSDiag. It can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend manually analyzing data.

SQL Relay

SQL Relay is a persistent database connection pooling, proxying and load balancing system for Unix and Linux.


SqlSiphon is an ADO.NET wrapper that simplifies the process of connecting to a MS SQL Server database and executing Transact-SQL Stored Procedures on it.


ssisUnit is a unit testing framework for SQL Server Integration Services.


SubSonic is A Super High-fidelity Batman Utility Belt that works up your Data Access (using Linq in 3.0), throws in some much-needed utility functions, and generally speeds along your dev cycle.

Talend Open Studio

The first pure play provider of open source data integration software, Talend offers open, innovative and powerful data integration solutions, used primarily for integration between operational systems, ETL, and migration by organizations of all sizes.


TST is a tool that simplifies writing and running automated tests for code written in T-SQL. At the heart of the TST tool is the TST database. This database contains a series of stored procedures that represent a test API. Part of this API is similar with those found in Unit Testing libraries familiar to programmers in C# or Java.